Jewelry / goldsmith services & jewelry repairs

In our offer we have whole variety of services related to jewelry making, repairs and engraving.

Among other things we do:

  • Using latest technology we do repairs and changes to your jewelry made of:
      • gold
      • silver
      • stainless steel
      • platinium
      • titanium
  • We are also capable of reparing some jewelry impossible to repair for other cmpanies
  • Most of the repairs is done within few days time

Services - Glasses repairs

  • Using latest technologies we are also capable of repairing most of the broken glasses (glasses frames)
  • The repairs are done at the spot where the frame is broken, so it does not affect much frame's colour beyond the point of repair - it is hardly ever visible and not so noticeable
  • Most of the repairs we do within 1-3 working days